Appleby Risk Will deploy to the clients country of interest and carry out an extensive review of a potential client site, accommodation, transport routes and evacuation options.

Physical Security Survey, assessment and specification

Protective security surveys, assessments and the specification of appropriate defensive measures are a mainstay of our business. We not only assess the threat environment, but also quantify a clients security and operational resilience along with providing pragmatic recommendations on how best to protect personnel, assets and information.

Whether working with architects at the building design stage or with contractors to install post-build security systems and modifications, Appleby’s certified consultants ensure maximum safety and security for property owners, developers and managers at minimum relative cost.

Threat analysis and Risk & Crisis Strategy.

Our ability to provide in-depth global threat analysis, intelligence led-risk assessments, training and other mitigating barriers, enables Appleby’s clients to access markets and opportunities in otherwise challenging or denied regions.

Whether concerned for the security of assets, the safety of personnel or continuity of production, Appleby’s Risk strategies and embedded consultants ensure our clients can safely advance their international ambitions concentrating their efforts on their specific business goals.

Physical Security

Physical Security Design

Whether private residence or commercial development, investment in security will be most effective if professionally specified at the design stage. Appleby represent our clients security interests in consultation with architects and constructors ensuring unobtrusive, advanced security and fire prevention systems are incorporated, so avoiding the need for costly retrofits and late build modifications.