Keeping Our Clients One Step Ahead Of The Game

Threat Assessment Centre (TAC)

Remaining one step ahead of the game is so important to our clients, especially when they are undertaking overseas travel, away on business in their home country or even when they are staying at their residence. Our intelligence-led, threat & risk-based approach is designed specifically to meet individual client needs based upon the findings of our initial client risk assessment.

Our security intelligence reports provide a full country/city assessment including in-depth information relating to the threat environment, security incidents and recommendations on how to best protect individuals, assets and information. Furthermore, we also have the ability to ringfence known locations such as hotels, meeting places, routes to and from set locations and inform our clients via a phone app or messaging service if any potential threat is detected. Our Threat Assessment Centre (TAC) operates 24/7/365.

To assist us, we operate the most advanced live and predictive intelligence monitoring and alerting software systems; which can be fine-tuned to specific geographic areas, events and threat types dependent upon client needs. All the information we gather undergoes assessment through our information cycle, which allows us to process information into actionable intelligence which is relevant to the client and provided in a timely manner.